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Mellanie “Coach MJ” Hunter is an emerging International Speaker whose energetic, disruptive signature talk, “The Confidence Command: Harnessing the Boldness Within”™, shifts her audience's perspectives with her On CAM™ (Confidence, Authenticity & Mindstretch™) system. Over the last 4-1/2 years, she has developed several proprietary workshops, summits, and programs within that system including the B.R.A.V.E. Framework™, P.O.I.S.E. Method™, and L.E.G.I.T. Strategy™. Becoming B.R.A.V.E. took her from flunking a 300-level course and not graduating on time to nailing a 3.92 graduate-level GPA! While enjoying a 23-year corporate career including stints as a Corporate Trainer and Project Manager, she earned a BA, MBA, and PMP® certification. Following an unexpected layoff, she bravely dove headlong into full-time entrepreneurship as a Business Freedom Coach.

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A vivacious single mom of 2 with a brilliant smile and natural style, Mellanie “Coach MJ” Hunter’s confidence, authenticity, and abundant mindset radiate into everything she touches. She's a big risk taker who’s not afraid to invest her time, money, and energy in herself and her success. Her outgoing, personable demeanor, infectious enthusiasm for life, and upbeat attitude inspire those around her. She generously shares information and encouragement, has a huge heart to give to others.

"The Smart One" never quite lived up to the hype, and eventually it showed. After years of "skating by" and making abysmal decisions, finally becoming B.R.A.V.E. took Coach MJ from flunking a 300-level course and not graduating on time to nailing a 3.92 graduate-level GPA!

Coach MJ’s abundant outlook always sees the possibilities and not the barriers and excuses; instead of “I can’t”, it’s “how can I?”. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Coach MJ is most appreciated by those who know her best for her bubbly energy, persistent determination, compassion, generosity, and always “telling it like it is”. Her humorous and open-minded point of view, brightly colorful fashion sense that defies age stereotypes, frequent leisure travel, and growing collection of eyeglasses have become her signature.

Coach MJ enjoyed a 23-year career in corporate America before diving into full-time entrepreneurship following an unexpected layoff in 2017. While working 2 jobs and single-parenting full-time, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a Master of Business Administration degree with a Small Business Management concentration. Her progressive, multifaceted corporate career journey included stints as a call center representative, claims processor, corporate trainer, data analyst, and certified project manager where she delved into her talents for instruction, coaching, organization, and leadership. One of her proudest accomplishments was nailing the rigorous Project Management Professional® (PMP) certification exam on the first attempt (yes ma’am!). Her movement through various work situations and having the courage to make changes and move forward has helped to define who she is and what she really wanted to do in life.

A prolific event planner and community contributor, she is the founding creator of several trainings, summits, and coaching programs targeting professional Black women (but welcoming anyone who’s a fit) including Build Wealth While You Travel™, Boot Your Job & Boost Your Joy!™, Monetize Your Magic™, and The Cosmopolitan Coach™.

It takes moxie, a whole heap of confidence, and a full-on ability to come back from setbacks in life, to create something from nothing, to keep on pushing despite obstacles, and to not only survive but thrive:

  • Became a single mother at 19
  • Completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees while working full-time plus a part-time job and raising 2 educated, responsible, well-balanced young adults on her own
  • Sowed into her children's lives by sending them to private schools, traveling with them throughout childhood, and shaping them to succeed
  • Demonstrated resilience by overcoming numerous failed relationships, financial disappointments, 2 evictions, a car repo, job terminations and layoffs, and more.
  • Launched multiple businesses and nonprofits including freelance graphic design, a girls mentorship program, homeless ministry, and multiple choirs
  • Founded and organized multiple events included a singles conference, an international weekend, a city-wide mother-daughter tea, and a women’s retreat

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A few other random facts about me...


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Master of Business Administration degree with a Small Business Management concentration.


I was recently a featured interviewee in the 11-part "Parenting LGBT Kids" film series created by The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender.


I can find a typo in a haystack, reply with a song lyric for almost any situation, and strike up random conversation with strangers at the DMV.

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